Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reasons why I love summer in Australia

At the moment the weather where I live is hot. Really, really hot. For the last couple of days the temperature has hovered around 43 degrees celsius, which means all I want to do is sit in a bath filled with ice cubes and eat chocolate Paddle Pops. Unfortunately I can't do that, so instead I am going to make a list of my favourite things about summer. Hopefully it will help in curing my 43 degree woes.

1. Going to the weir with my friends and eating dripping ice-cream and swimming.
2. Pretty dresses and swimmers.
3. Pretending I'm five again and running around under the sprinkler with my cousins at Christmas, like in the photos above (taken way back in 2010 with a disposable camera).
4. Banana smoothies.
5. Listening to Josh Pyke's song The Summer more often. It's pretty perfect. If you haven't heard it before you should most definitely fix that!
6. Visiting the beach and collecting shells.
7. Road trips to cute country towns.
8. Summer berries. I could eat them all day. Oh and berry picking! I've only done it once but it was so much fun.
9. Peter Alexander summer pyjamas because they are always so adorable. I've bought three sets this year and had two given to me. Oops.
10. The fact that Australian summers usually feel something like this:

What do you love most about summer?
Also, to everyone in Australia - stay cool and be safe over the next few weeks! 


  1. This all sounds lovely! And that video was too:)
    I'm really missing summer! Especially now the sky is so dark and grey here all the time.


  2. I'd love to experience and Australian summer but I'm pretty sure I'd melt! I love to go berry picking, it's so fun and yummy too. xo


  3. That sounds like a pretty good summer to me and that video looks like a blast! It is so funny to read about the summer when it is still the dead winter year.



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