Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clean White Love: Part II

A bit over a month ago, I did a post (my very first post, actually) in which I wrote about my love for white spaces with splashes of colour. I thought I would do a bit of a follow up post since there have just been so many picture of white interiors floating around on Tumblr that are too good not to share!

{Sources: One, Two, Three, Four and Five}


  1. Sometimes I get so lost in tumblr-land because it's such a jumble, I love how you pulled these together out of the abyss!

    p.s. I nominated you for a Liebster award today! Check it out:

  2. I love white spaces as well! These are some fantastic inspirations!

  3. White spaces are such a great place to get bunch of incredible ideas!
    The 4th pic is incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a good day x

  4. white is my absolute favorite. it is so clean, classic, elegant, and on and on. thanks for sharing these great pictures!

  5. White spaces with pops of colour are great! Love these pictures! xo

  6. I love white rooms, especially in combination with large windows. It really creates such a lovely atmosphere. And, of course, its the perfect backdrop for bold, quirky decorations :D


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