Saturday, January 19, 2013

Australian coastal home

A very colourful family home I found over on Homelife. I am in love with the blackboard walls and doors, the bedrooms of the children and the pink stools in the kitchen.

I'm also quite fond of the yellow chairs at the dining table. I've been seeing that style of chair around quite a bit recently. Does anyone know if the style has a particular name? I would really love a similar chair to put at my desk!


  1. I always get so envious of home decor like this, being a student, I can't do any great changes to my room and its so annoying! Lovely post! xo

  2. Those chairs are known as "Eames molded plastic chair with eiffel base”. They are classic mid-century modern chairs. The originals can be really expensive but I'm sure you can find copies quite easily these days.


  3. I love the decor :)

  4. Beautiful! Love all the patterns on the pics, thanks thanks thanks these are inspiring! x

  5. seriously?! dream. home. i'm a HUGE fan of color but feel like i almost over-use it at most times and it begins to look overwhelming. this home used the perfect splashes so it looks sunny and happy...but not crazy. i'm so pinning this to remember it ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. That looks awesome!


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