Monday, December 3, 2012

Post high school holidays

Things I have been enjoying doing with all the lovely free time I have now that high school is all over:

  • Reading, reading, reading! I have bought so many books throughout the year and it's so nice to actually begin them.
  • Watching a LOT of TV on DVD - particularly Castle. I am way too emotionally invested in the two leading characters.  I think I'm also driving my family crazy because I walk around the house whistling the theme tune regularly. 
  • Sitting down and relaxing with a cup of tea, rather than just downing mug after mug whilst studying!
  • Getting back into running. 
  • Watching movies in bed with hot chocolate and fairy lights (although this is getting harder since its so hot!) 
  • Road trips with my friends to tiny towns.

  • I'm also busy trying to find a job for next year, so I can save up some money for university. I've got an interview later this week for a gap year position at a local solicitors. I just think it would be such an interesting job and would keep my mind busy, so my fingers are crossed!


    1. Wow, welcome back! Congrats on graduating :)

      It seems like you've been doing LOADS of fun stuff. I graduated in June and it STILL doesn't even seem real.

      When I have lots and lots of free time (which is a rare occurrence, I'm afraid!), I blog, read, take pictures, and do anything and everything else that's creative!

    2. Love the photos. Castle is THE BEST. Seriously obsessed. Good luck on your interview. :)

    3. Also, Catherine Campbell's etsy shop is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Hey there! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm so glad you did because I was able to find your very awesome blog. I never knew about your old blog but I'm glad I'm here now for your fresh start. When I have free time I also like to catch up on my reading, and watch loads of foreign movies (French, Italian, Spanish, etc).

    5. oh man, tiny town trips sound like DREAM right now


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