Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Anyone who knows me even slightly well knows that I am a huge Doctor Who fan. I'm talking dressing up as a TARDIS, trying fish fingers and custard, being able to pronounce Raxacoricofallapatorious with ease and owning a Doctor Who encyclopaedia. I even have a life size cutout of Matt Smith hidden away in my wardrobe. Accordingly, when I got tickets to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at the Sydney Opera House, my little nerdy heart just about exploded with delight.

I travelled up to Sydney to see it last Sunday, and I don't think I can adequately describe how amazing it was! Where do I even begin? The music played, mostly from the last three series of Doctor Who, was absolutely brilliant. Alex Kingston (River Song) and Mark Williams (Rory's Dad) hosted it and were equally as brilliant. I think my favourite part of the show, however, was the monsters. There were Cybermen, Daleks, Ood, Judoon, The Silence, Vampires of Venice and Silurians all walking around the hall! At one point a cyberman was standing at the end of our row, only a few seats away from me, and I actually found myself feeling slightly scared after watching them "delete" people in so many episodes! The noise they made when they walked was spot on and super creepy.

The Daleks especially made quite an appearance. After the interval they appeared on stage and announced that the Sydney Opera House was to be the headquarters of their new empire, and that all audience members would be servants of the daleks ("You will obey!"). The Daleks then proceeded to bring forward the "slave conductor" - Ben Foster, very cute and British and resembles David Tennant slightly. You can see him in the third photo above. They instructed him to lead the orchestra in a sequence that would convert everyone to the Dalek cause. Or he would be exterminated. Yep.

Basically, it was a perfect show and I wish I could see it all over again. If you're a Doctor Who fan and ever hear of something like this occurring somewhere nearby (or in my case seven hours away), you should most definitely buy tickets and go!

{The first three images are from the Sydney Opera House's Facebook page and the final two were taken by me}


  1. Sounds awesome! Not even a massive Doctor Who fan yet you make me very very verrryyy jealous.

  2. This is sooooo amazing! I love that you were able to see Alex Kingston and Mark Williams there (my HP nerd comes out there too) and all the monsters just sound amazing! I hope that the show comes to London one day so I can go and see it! xo


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