Sunday, March 20, 2016

Three University of Sydney trends that I will never understand

Can someone pretty please explain these to me?

1. Teeny tiny backpacks. Ever since uni went back, I have noticed a significant amount of students sporting very small backpacks. I’m talking a size that would probably be appropriate for your four year old cousin, but more black leather and less Peppa Pig. Meanwhile, I’m lugging around my laptop and a bunch of readers in a huge backpack from Kathmandu that I’m pretty sure was designed for hiking expeditions. To all those students wearing those fashionable but tiny things on their backs – I would really love to know how you fit all your belongings in there. Is it a Mary Poppins kind of thing?

2. Heels at uni. Sometimes when I’m making my way down Eastern Avenue I see girls walking along in really nice pairs of heels. They always look great, but wearing heels to uni is just something that completely confounds me. I struggle getting from the engineering building to the education building enough as it is, and that’s while wearing Converse or something similar. And what if it rains? A pair of heels that you just bought at Windsor Smith last weekend and a thunderstorm really aren’t a good mix.  

3. Hoodies in the middle of summer. Hoodies are great in winter, when it’s freezing and raining and you can’t be bothered putting much effort into what you’re wearing. There’s even the potential to put them on over your pyjamas if you’re really not feeling getting dressed. But lately I’ve noticed people wandering around wearing hoodies emblazoned with "Sydney University" in the horrible 30 degree, humid weather that we’ve been getting. I’m all for being proud of your university, but how are you not melting under all that fleece-y goodness?

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