Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling is a twenty one year old graphic designer and blogger, based in Brisbane. She has a passion (and a big talent) for typography and hand lettering. I only discovered her a little while ago but I am already completely in love with all her work.

I especially adore her inspirational prints. They are far better than the tacky posters that were stuck up around my high school - think pictures of skyscrapers placed behind the phrase "Dream Big"(written in Comic Sans of course).

You can purchase prints from Jasmine's shop here. She also sells tote bags, pillow cases and cushions. I kinda want to buy everything. 


  1. love the handwriting! and it looks so nice against those bright orange flowers.

    rae from <a href=">lovefromberlin</a>

  2. I have seen this handwriting everywhere recently! It is so nice to know where it originated from!

    Emma x


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