Monday, February 18, 2013

That time I finally got to see Kate Miller-Heidke live

{Photos from here}

A few months ago my cousin called me to tell me she'd gotten free tickets to see my favourite singer Kate Miller-Heidke, and asked if I wanted to go with her. I was absolutely, ridiculously over the moon! I've loved Kate Miller-Heidke ever since I was twelve, but thanks to 18+ concerts, school etc, I've never been able to see her live.

Kate played at the Melbourne Zoo on the first of February as part of their Zoo Twilights program. The program started in January and runs until March, and features wonderful live music (like, Missy Higgins and Lisa Mitchell wonderful) every Friday and Saturday night. Everyone just sat on the grass in front of the stage, or on rugs and fold out chairs they had brought along. It was basically a mass picnic, which was cute. Definitely the best atmosphere I've ever experienced whilst listening to live music. 

I don't think I can find the right words to describe Kate's performance. She really is an astounding, beautiful singer and I was mesmerised throughout the whole show. She is also super funny - there were lots of great anecdotes between songs and I doubt you would find another singer whose dance routine included moves such as the shopping trolley, the sprinkler and the lawn mower.

Basically, I had a really really great night. I could've sat there for hours more listening to Kate sing. I can't wait to see her perform again and may have possibly been googling "Kate Miller-Heidke 2013 show dates" on my phone whilst I walked out of the zoo...

For those of you who haven't heard of/listened to Kate Miller-Heidke before, you should definitely check out the clip below - the music video for one of my favourite songs by Kate. You'll be hooked, I promise :). 

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  1. The pictures look incredible. It must have been such a wonderful experience!


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