Saturday, April 13, 2013

Words of wisdom for the weekend

I discovered this C.S. Lewis quote a little while ago and I had to share it, because, well, it's pretty perfect. Though I think it is applicable to me all the time, it is particularly relevant to me at the moment. I've just started a new full-time job, so I've had a pretty hectic week, and I am looking forward to fitting as much me time as I can into this weekend. This means that sitting down with a big cup of English Breakfast tea and a nice fat book is at the top of my to-do list! I am also planning to do lots of other nice relaxing things, such as:
  • Making caramel slice 
  • Snuggling up in bed with my Glasshouse vanilla caramel candle burning (it smells so good I feel like I could scoop some of the wax out, pop it in a bowl with vanilla ice-cream and eat it...hence the caramel slice making)
  • Going for a couple of long runs 
  • Watching too many episodes of Castle and Bones 

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